Yo-Media Kick-Off Event


First event, held online on 29th May 2023, open to general public, to present Yo-Media project goals and the activities performed in the first six months between Associação Portuguesa de Imprensa, Aveiro Media Competence Center, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Universitat de Vic – Central de Catalunya.


1st Part – INTERNAL

09h00 – Management Summary

10m – Situation Point Phase 1 (MasterPlan_checkList Review) – Pedro Pais

09h10 – Review presentation

10m – Results from Literature Review – Alessandra Carenzio

10m – Digital Game’s Review & Benchmarking – Liliana Costa + Laura Martins

10m – Physical Game’s Benchmarking – Ruth S. Contreras

9h40 – Map of Southern Europe Media Literacy 

15m – Nadine Santos

 10h10 – Interviews Results 

10m – Preparation of Questionnaire and Results – Oksana Tymoshchuk + Maria João

5m – Results – (Simona Ferrari)

5m – Results – (Jose Luis Eguia)

10h35 – Design Thinking Sessions

5m – Game Design Publics & Literacy – Ana Passos + Frederico Proença

10m – Co-Design & Workshops – Liliana Costa

10h50 – General Discussion

11h00 – BREAK

2nd Part – PUBLIC

11h15 – Project Goals & Road Map 

5m – Presentation (AMCC) – João Palmeiro

11h20 – Main conclusions/achievements 

5m – Quick Summary of internal presentations – Nelson Zagalo

5m – Quick Summary of internal presentations – Ruth S. Contreras

5m – Quick Summary of internal presentations – Simona Ferrari/Alessandra Carenzio

11h35 – Questions

Watch the video of the public session: