Yo-Media team joins Portuguese Press National Day 2024


The Yo-Media team, represented by Alessandra Carenzio, Ruth Contreras, Liliana Costa, Oksana Tymoshchuk, Frederico Proença and Ana Rita Passos, took part in two panels in the National Press Day 2024, that occurred in the 16th and 17th of May in the Fado Museum, Lisbon.

The first session was about disinformation in Europe, featuring Alessandra, Ruth, and Liliana discussing the state of disinformation and fake news in Portugal, Spain, and Italy, with a focus on its impact on youth audiences. João Moraes Palmeiro moderated the discussion on behalf of the Aveiro Media Competence Center.


Subsequently, the Yo-Media project was thoroughly presented by the rest of the team, detailing the physical and digital game mechanics as well as the MOOC to the conference audience.

The conference also provided an opportunity for the entire team to come together in person, alongside Pedro Pais and Nadine Santos, to discuss the current status of the Yo-Media project and outline plans for future online work meetings.


Conference panels videos: Desinformation in Europe


Conference panels videos: Yo-Media presentation


Conference photos: